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Business & Life!

About #LifeThriver...

At #LifeThriver our goal is to help you create success in your business and life by empowering you to reprogram your subconscious mind… All while increasing your physical, emotional, spiritual and financial well-being.

-Brenda Glover

It's Time To Erase Those Invisible Barries That Have Been Holding You Back From Achieving The True Success You Deserve!

Your Subconscious Identity Determines Your Success.​”

Our Transformation Formula Will Shift Your Identity Allowing You To:


✔️ Embody the mindset habits that will rapidly grow your business

✔️ Strengthen your financial capacity & allow money to flow easily

✔️ Improve your emotional well-being & reduce your stress

✔️ Increase your self confidence & improve your communication skills

✔️ Create a deeper love & respect for yourself and others

✔️ Face any uncomfortable situations with a sense of calm and ease

✔️ Enhance your relationships with yourself & others

✔️ Feel more connected and balanced in your daily life

…Which will ultimately enhance your meaning of life and attract everything you desire!

Brenda Glover Presents A Brand New Presentation:

"The 1 Mindset Shift That Will Quickly Transform Your Business"

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    Personal Development Will Not Change Your Subconscious Identity!

    • Personal development consists of activities that are designed to increase a person's capabilities and potential. They are extremely helpful in changing a person with a strong desire to become a better version of themselves. It may take an entire lifespan of using these techniques to achieve the desired results because they do not address the underlying internal issues that are subconscious.
    • Personal transformation is the process of expanding your consciousness to become fully self aware of your old self-view and old self-identity, and using that information to create your new ideal-self. Desired results can be achieved at a much faster rate using this method.
    • At #LifeThriver we created a 7 step formula which helps you rapidly shift your subconscious identity so you can create the best version of yourself... This "New You" becomes responsible for quickly transforming your life and business!

    If You'd Like To Learn More About Reprograming Your Subconscious Mind & Transforming Your Business... 

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    It's Time You THRIVE In Every Area Of Your Life!

    Thrive Emotionally!

    Experience a new level of happiness and fun when you learn how to allow your thoughts and emotions to come up to the surface, instead of hiding them deep inside.


    This new level of emotional awareness dramatically increases your ability to enjoy life and feel excited, even when things aren't going the way you want around you.

    Thrive Financially!

    Money can evoke massive amounts of emotions from people.  Good, bad, horrible, or amazing... Our relationship with money affects every area of your life. Yet when money begins to easily flow in and out of your life, and you have no attachment to the amount showing inside of your bank account, you will experience the abundant feeling of thriving financially that will ooze into every other area of your life!

    Thrive Spiritually!

    We have all been created from a non-physical source, and the ability to experience this life is a very special gift.  Understanding how to connect to your inner guidance is imperative to live a life of complete freedom and inner peace! Strengthening your own inner-self leads to more confidence and abundance around you!

    Thrive Physically!

    Our bodies are incredible works of art and science put together. We only have one body for our entire life, and we must respect it and treat it well.  The more you focus on the good your body has, the more good it will give back to you!

    "YOU Are The Creator Of Your Own Experience"


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